GE Part WR30X0304 Replacement Ice Maker Kit

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This WR30X0304 replacement Ice Maker kit fits most GE Refrigerators that come with ice makers. It will replace mechanical, electro-mechanical, and electronic ice makers. This ice maker kit includes a 4-pin round plug-in connector, 6-post plug-in connector, fill cup and tube.

This is refrigerator ice maker kit works with GE, Hotpoint and many other refrigerator brands. If you don’t see your part number here or anywhere else on this website, then send us an email through our Contact page and we’ll help you find it.

Per the GE website, this part number has been replaced by WR30X10093.

GE and Hotpoint Ice Maker Part Numbers

This replacement ice maker is an exchange for the following part numbers.

WR30X10093 WR30X213 WR30X203 WR30X199 WR30X169 WR30X159 WR30X148 WR30X147 WR30X138 WR30X10109 WR30X10082 WR30X10061 WR30X10058 WR30X10044 WR30X10043 WR30X10014 WR30X10012 WR30X0329 WR30X0328 WR30X0327 WR30X0320 WR30X0318 WR30X0315 WR30X0310 WR30X0307 WR30X0306 WR30X0304 WR30X0290 WR30X0289 WR30X0283 WR30X0282 WR30X0259 WR30X0241 WR30X0238 WR30X0214 WR30X0213 WR30X0203 WR30X0199 WR30X0169 WR30X0159 WR30X0148 WR30X0147 WR30X0138 WR30M153 WR30M149 WR30M0153 WR30M0149 WR29X5144 MSE1 JS2