Whirlpool Replacement Ice Maker Installation Video

replacement ice maker installationHere’s a great video detailing the step-by-step instructions for installing a replacement ice maker in a Whirlpool brand refrigerator. This installation covers other refrigerator/freezer brands and these specific manufacturers are offered during the video.

Replacing an ice maker can be an easy, cost effective solution over hiring a contractor. But before you buy that new ice maker, check out our video on the top reasons your ice maker may not be making ice. It might be something you can easy fix without having to make a purchase.

One thing to remember is that if your refrigerator is STILL UNDER WARRANTY by the manufacturer, then you should check with the manufacturer’s website to see if replacing an ice maker yourself will void your existing warranty.

Most refrigerators only have a 1-year warranty with longer times for specific parts, like compressors.

If you prefer to have a guide you can download as a companion to your ice maker replacement here is the Whirlpool Installation and Troubleshooting Guide. This file is about 17MB so depending on the speed of your internet service, downloading may take a minute or two.