Whirlpool W10377151 Replacement Ice Maker Kit

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This replacement ice maker accessory is original Whirlpool factory Part Number W10377151. It will fit various models of Whirlpool, Jenn-Air, KitchenAid, Maytag, Roper, Kenmore and other model refrigerators.

This part number replaces old part numbers 2118175, AH3503096, EA3503096 and PS3503096. It is compatible with the refrigerator models listed below. It is a partial list.

You can locate your refrigerator model number in several different locations depending on your brand and refrigerator type. Check any of these locations for your model:

  • On the cabinet door jamb
  • Behind a lower crisper drawer
  • Behind the front refrigerator kick plate
  • On the inside left or right wall of the freezer or refrigerator

If you need help finding the right ice maker part for your refrigerator you can send us an email through our contact page and we will try to help.

You can also contact Whirlpool Customer Support HERE.


Kenmore / Sears 59679242013
Kenmore / Sears 59679249013
Whirlpool GI0FSAXVB07
Whirlpool GI6FARXXB04
Whirlpool GI6FARXXB05
Whirlpool GI6FARXXB06
Whirlpool GI6FARXXB07
Whirlpool GI6FARXXF04
Whirlpool GI6FARXXF05
Whirlpool GI6FARXXF06
Whirlpool GI6FARXXQ04
Whirlpool GI6FARXXQ05
Whirlpool GI6FARXXQ06
Whirlpool GI6FARXXQ07
Whirlpool GI6FARXXY04
Whirlpool GI6FARXXY05
Whirlpool GI6FARXXY06
Whirlpool GI6FARXXY07
Whirlpool GI6FARXXY08
Whirlpool GI6FDRXXB04
Whirlpool GI6FDRXXB05
Whirlpool GI6FDRXXB06
Whirlpool GI6FDRXXB08
Whirlpool GI6FDRXXB09
Whirlpool GI6FDRXXQ04
Whirlpool GI6FDRXXQ05
Whirlpool GI6FDRXXQ06
Whirlpool GI6FDRXXQ08
Whirlpool GI6FDRXXQ09
Whirlpool GI6FDRXXY010
Whirlpool GI6FDRXXY04
Whirlpool GI6FDRXXY07
Whirlpool GI6FDRXXY09
Whirlpool GI6SARXXF04
Whirlpool GI6SARXXF05
Whirlpool GI6SARXXF06
Whirlpool GI6SDRXXB04
Whirlpool GI6SDRXXB06
Whirlpool GI6SDRXXQ04
Whirlpool GI6SDRXXQ06
Whirlpool GI6SDRXXY04
Whirlpool GI6SDRXXY05
Whirlpool GI6SDRXXY07
Whirlpool GZ25FSRXYY1
Whirlpool GZ25FSRXYY2
Whirlpool GZ25FSRXYY4
Whirlpool GZ25FSRXYY5
Whirlpool GZ25FSRXYY6
Whirlpool GZ25FSRXYY7
Jenn-Air JFX2597AEM0